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KAKT 95.1

KAKT The Wolf Classic Country 105.1 (HD2) / 95.1 HD2

Your home for Classic Country from the 90’s and beyond! Nobody plays more of the country music you love!

 About KAKT 95.1

Garth Brooks. He is the one country music artist that MADE country music cool back in 1990. That was the time in history when millions of people became country music fans and crossed over from other music genres like rock and pop, because, let’s face it, Garth is really cool. That’s what 95.1 The Wolf Classic Country is all about. Country music from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. The Wolf Classic Country is the only southern Oregon radio station that plays the artists from this important time. Thank you, Garth!

 Benefits of Advertising with KAKT 95.1

Country radio has some of the most loyal listeners. Ever. Our listeners call themselves “The Wolf Pack.” 95.1 The Wolf Classic Country plays the music that first made them loyal and is a huge part of people’s daily lives and routines. What does this mean for your business? Connecting your business to the 95.1 The Wolf Classic Country loyal audience will in turn make them loyal to your business. 95.1 The Wolf Classic Country is the place to meet them!



  • 90's Country

  • Adults 35-64

  • 18,000

  • Facebook



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