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KBOY K-B-O-Y Southern Oregon's Classic Rock Station 95.7 FM

95.7 KBOY is the heritage radio station rocking Southern Oregon with the best classic rock music on the planet! .

 About KBOY

Classic rock music. People listen to it and feel the same way about it today as they did when the music was first recorded. For many, 95.7 KBOY (said as K-B-O-Y) is a Southern Oregon legacy radio station. Our listeners grew up listening to the station – whether driving to the lake or going camping with their parents or just sitting in the car with their family – and the station is commonly played on the job site. Why? Because they’re awesome classic rock songs and 95.7 KBOY is the only Classic rock radio station in Southern Oregon radio station playing them!

 Benefits of Advertising with KBOY

95.7 KBOY delivers classic rock music that generations of listeners tune into daily, and they keep listening because every song is that good. When you advertise with 95.7 KBOY, you’re speaking to a large audience diverse in age. They are your ideal customers. They are loyal to the music they love, family-oriented, and have disposable income. Your business will gain ideal customers who keep coming back for more. The only place to reach the classic rock listener in southern Oregon is on 95.7 KBOY!



  • Classic Rock

  • Men 25+

  • 27,000

  • Facebook



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