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KCMX-HD3 93.3 FM

KCMX-HD3 HiTS 93.3 FM 

HiTS 93.3 is the newest hit radio station in Medford that engages young adults. Follow every new song climbing the charts or that’s on Tik Tok! If you’re older than 35, this is not your radio station!

 About KCMX-HD3 HiTS 93.3 FM

As the leading Top 40 station in the Southern Oregon, HiTS 93.3 has the ideal customers that are ready to entertain or be entertained. The audience is at a stage in their life where they are finding their way at school, evolving with their careers, and being a part of life changing events. Your advertising message is likely to influence this on-the-go audience at the point of purchase. Being top of mind with this fast paced customer will get you in front of them at a pivotal time of their life. If you are older than 25 years old, this is NOT the station for you. Seriously. Change the channel. HiTS 93.3 FM is like a really cool movie that only a younger person understands or gets… but in the radio world – it’s the music that only this specific group of listeners likes and wants to spend hours hearing. The only place to find the most current of today’s hit music in southern Oregon is on HiTS 93.3 FM.

 Benefits of Advertising with KCMX-HD3 HiTS

HiTS 93.3 is the newest hit radio station in Medford that engages young adults. We curate a daily playlist that specifically targets our listeners on a local level. Starting your day with the latest in entertainment, and talking all things pop culture with our interactive morning show. When listening to HiTS 93.3, you are guaranteed to sing-along and have a smile on your face throughout the day.



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  • 15,000

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