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KHHK HD2 106.1

KHHK-HD2 BIG Today's Best Music 106.1 HD2

It’s the biggest hits of today and pop mega hits of the last decade, Big 106.1 is a family friendly alternative to a traditional top 40 station.

 About KHHK

Go “BIG” or go home. Big 106.1 plays the best hits of right now, as well as monster hits of “then.” The 3 bears would love BIG 106.1. It’s not too “BIG “, it’s not too small; it’s just right. Parents who still want to feel cool? BIG 106.1 helps them do just that, playing artists like Katy Perry, Pink, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, and an even bigger selection that’s family friendly and can be consumed by the masses. You won’t find a bunch of talk, but you will find great music on BIG 106.1

 Benefits of Advertising with KHHK

When Mom and Dad want to be able to listen to the same great music as their kids, you can find that happy medium on BIG 106.1. It’s probably another reason you’ll find BIG playing in doctor offices, when visiting the dentist, and even a trip to Subway … Seems like everywhere you go in Yakima, you’ll hear BIG Playing. That’s a station that knows how to connect. Ready to reap “BIG “results with your advertising…. Go BIG.



  • Hot Adult Contemporary

  • 18-49

  • 3,300

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