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KMYZ The Edge 104.5 FM

Z-104.5 The Edge brings a counterculture vibe to everything we do.
If it’s alternative…if it’s music…it’s The Edge!.

 About Z-104.5 The Edge

The pulse of Tulsa’s alternative crowd beats at Z-104.5 The Edge. You feel it in the music. Sense it at a concert. Experience it at a live event. When Tulsa craves modern music. When Tulsans want a modern life. When trendsetters hang around, waiting for the next big thing to happen, they do it with The Edge. Hip, alternative, with some old geezers peppered in between…thousands of the young and less young are waiting to be joined at Z-104.5 The Edge, Tulsa’s Rock Alternative!

 Benefits of advertising with Z-104.5 The Edge

Z-104.5 The Edge connects your business with Tulsa’s emerging crowd. For Edge listeners, their consumer habits, brand loyalties, and favorite places to shop are just now forming. Your business can get in on the beginning of a lifetime of their product and category spending. But don’t expect alternatives to come to you. They’re way too in-the-know for that. You’ll have to be the one to start the conversation. They have cash. And are willing to spend with those they know and trust. Win your share of Ideal Customers from this emerging consumer market. Advertise on their radio station, Z-104.5 The Edge. Tulsa’s rock alternative.



  • Alternative Rock

  • 18-49

  • 70,000

  • Twitter



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