KRRX Redding's Rock 106X 106 FM

106X is Redding’s rock station with Logan Kane in the AM and the best rock from the 90’s to today!

 About KRRX

Redding’s Rock, 106X is Redding’s Mainstream Rock Station. We play the best Rock from the 90’s to today. Consistently one of the top performing stations in Redding, “The X” has been a part of the Redding community for over 2 decades. You can always find us on stage presenting the biggest Rock acts in town or putting on our own show with local artists. At Redding’s Rock 106X, we have our finger on the pulse of the latest national and local Rock news as well as the best genre defining Rock music.

 Benefits of Advertising with KRRX

Redding’s Rock 106X listeners are a devoted bunch. Not only to the musicians, bands, and albums that mark the format and its legacy, but also to the advertisers that air on the station daily. The lifestyles lived by the listeners of 106X are a unique fit to advertisers that understand what it means to be a fan of great Rock Music. Longer listening times means your messages reach farther and make more impact than on any other male-oriented music format. Let 106X show you what it can do for you.



  • Mainstream Rock

  • Men 18-49

  • 25,900

  • Facebook



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