WFKL We Play Everything 93.3 FM

Fickle 93.3 is Rochester’s most unique radio station, playing the widest variety of music for maximum appeal and a never-know-what-you’re-going-to-hear-next environment creates a fun station that’s always fresh and appealing.

 About WFKL - Fickle 93.3 FM

Fickle 93.3 is the ultimate “We Play Everything” station, but that doesn’t mean that we play anything; it means we play a wide variety of everything good to reach our active and vibrant adult-on-the-go lifestyle. Hosted by a Rochester Radio legend, the Dino and Friends Morning Show starts your day feeling good and with a smile on your face. Fickle 93.3 is the station our listeners don’t just listen to; they turn it up!

 Benefits of Advertising with WFKL - Fickle 93.3 FM

It’s always been great advice; follow the money. Fickle 93.3 may be quirky and funny, but we are very serious about giving you access to some of the most affluent and well-educated consumers in Rochester. They have more money than time, so they don’t appreciate people wasting theirs. Fickle 93.3 listeners may be unconventional in their love of music, but we know what they like, and they have shown loyalty to us for over 15 years. We can show you how to make them loyal to you as well.



  • Adult Hits

  • 25-64

  • 60,000

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